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The Cars Forum is a new online Cars Forum Community dedicated to all car enthusiasts. We are dedicated to providing the automotive lifestyle and Motorsports enthusiast the most relevant and up to date car news and discussion forums possible.

At The Cars Forum we have identified a hole in the online cars forum market and found a lack of cars forums that covered a broader section of the online cars forum market like domestic cars, luxury cars, formula 1 Motor Sports, rally cars, imports cars, low riders cars, muscle cars, drifting cars & more!

At The Cars Forum our passion is cars and our mission is to provide a one stop shop for people who are looking at buying a new car but are unsure what make and model to buy. There is no need to search for individual car forums that only specialise in one make or model car. The Cars Forum has covered in our opinion the broadest range of cars, makes and models that we hope will help you make your choice, an educated choice.

Help make The Cars Forum grow into the Cars Forum to go to for all the latest news and discussions. Our discussion platform we have developed is great and extremely user friendly for everyone that visits here. Whether you are a member, reader or have just stumbled across us for the first time online, we have put together a site that is easy to navigate and use to help you learn about everything automotive and search for any specific information that you may be looking for. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or a novice. There’s something for every car enthusiast on TheCarsForum.com.


At TheCarsForum.com you can answer other members questions and share your thoughts and information with any questions that other members may have. We take notice of the things that are posted on our site and our content is updated on a regular basis. We are car enthusiasts and that’s the whole reason why we started TheCarsForum.com. In fact, if your ride is absolutely amazing and unique, chances are we will feature it and spread the word about it!

Take a look at the videos posted throughout the website to see the awesome promotional videos of different products making their debut on the scene. Automotive companies pull no punches when it comes to promoting their new ideas and products for the coming year. You can comment on each video and share with your friends on your social media networks. They will wonder where you are getting all of your great information!

Have something to sell? whether its parts, cars and everything in between it can be posted in our Classifieds Section of The Cars Forum. For Car Parts you can post Car Repairs and Parts Forums and to Sell and Buy Cars, you can post here Car Classifieds Forums What better forum to place your ride for sale or parts you just don’t need than in the middle of a car enthusiast forum board? Here you can list your item for sale with photos and a description. Easily answer any questions and view other forum members offers. The best thing about thecarsforum.com is…it’s ALL FREE!!

The Cars Forum Member Rides Forum is the place to show off your new modifications and projects. You can tell everyone about your ride and post photos to show just how awesome that new modification is. Strike up a discussion and answer questions and comments left by other members. Take a look at what others are working on or have finished and leave your thoughts or ask your questions about how they did it.

Another great section of The Cars Forum is the International Car Events Forums section. Here you can post and advertise your local cars event FREE, find out what’s going on around your area with cars shows and other events being held. Do you have a group or club and you need a place to meet online for messaging, posting meeting dates and events? TheCarsForum.com is the perfect Cars Forum for you. Your club members can all gather here to exchange information, ideas and recruit new members into your club on our forum. Let us know about your club and we can create your own individual forum in our regional section for your club’s postings.

When you first view The Cars Forum, you will be viewing as a guest which gives you limited access to everything including the categories and you will not have the ability to post. So why not join thecarsforum.com to be able to use the forum the way it was meant to be used? Signing up is FREE and you will be able to post topics, ask your questions in our tech section, use our private messaging service, respond to our polls, upload your photo and YouTube clips in gallery forums, and so much more!

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