Mazda MX5 Drifting Car in Action on The Cars Forum

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Mazda MX5 Drifting Car in Action on The Cars Forum

Postby MX5 » June 22nd, 2013, 10:04 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm new here on the Cars Forum, I've just joined and thought I'd break the ice by posting on the Drifting Forum one of my favourite YouTube clip of a MX5 drifting! You heard that right!

I guess many of you never thought a Mazda MX5 could drift, this proves it. I don't drift myself as I can't afford the cost associated to repairs and tyres :) but love the motor sport.

If there's anyone that could share a clip of their drifting car I'd be interested in watching it. I take it this drifting forum on The Cars Forum is pretty new as I'm the second member posting so thought id share this is a nice lil video. Anyone who says an MX5 doesnt have enough power in 'stock' form to drift needs to rethink this thought

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